Sales Training

“Join Mike Adams for his Virtual “Masters Class in C-Level Appointment Setting”. The class begins with Mike calling each class attendees’ most challenging prospect, and setting meetings for them as they listen! This immediately gets the attention of both seasoned veterans and new team members to want to learn how to do the same thing.

Mike’s unique way of making prospecting strategic, but more importantly fun where class participants take charge of each call and make the most of each one. His approach does not require memorizing pages and pages of different offers for each vertical market. He will train them on how to leave effective messages that will delivered qualified meetings at a unheard of rate regardless of what market they are located in.”

Location: Virtual
Cost: $495
Format: Screen Share
Schedule: 5 hours

Course Description

  • Set Virtual or Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Pre-Call Preparation
  • 250 C-Level business records in your area
  • Getting past gate keeper (hands on live call sessions)
  • Outbound calling assignments between sessions
  • Opening benefit statement(s)
  • Objection handling
  • Class includes COVID-19 appointment setting script
  • Sample marketing pieces to generate meeting interest

Class Format

  • Five Hour Course
  • Two 2 hour sessions and one 1 hour session completed in 1 week
  • Use of Zoom, MicroSoft Teams, GoToMeetings, etc for training

How to Apply

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Mike, thanks for all your time and all of the help you provided me. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot from it. Hope you hit them well Friday! I was able to get out as well. I also wanted to let you know Friday after we hung-up I was able to write about 95k in deals part of which was thanks to you!

Mike, your course was enlightening, simple and straight forward. Every sales person’s dream! It was a pleasure to learn from you and see how you approach your prospecting, and each call.

Mike, here you are, my friend. Thanks so much for the class. You have taught me some valuable sales lessons that I will never forget.