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PAS Services

Power Appointment Setting (PAS) specializes in appointment setting with C-Level Executives for medium to high value prospects.

We work with clients to help them select the right vertical markets that fit their business strengths.  Once they pick their target prospects, we identify the proper C-Level Decision Makers; CFO’s, CIO’s, COO’s, Controllers and IT Directors. To ensure a meeting is held with the correct person, we do extensive research beforehand on their website, LinkedIn, and other data repositories

Main Target Verticals

Copiers and High-Speed Printers

PAS is a leader in designing cutting-edge Appointment Generating Systems tailored to reach copier and high speed printer opportunities. Power Appointment Setting (PAS) primarily focuses on prospects with 50 or more employees who typically have multiple segment 3 or greater copiers and 10 or more printers.  These transactions usually start at $20,000 and can go as high as $500,000

IT Outsourcing Solutions

We are also experts in reaching IT outsourcing solutions. We target companies with 25 or more employees with little or no internal IT Support and set up face to face meetings with the C-Level Finance or Operations Managers.  We qualify these meetings for IT support, either in-house or outsourced and if in-house number of people in IT.

Document Management Software

Lastly, we are also experts in reaching document management software opportunities. We target companies with 4 or more people in their accounting department and set up face to face meetings with the C-Level Finance or Operations Managers.  We qualify these meetings for number of people in their account department and current document management systems in place.


Featured Capabilities

  • Locate the best potential prospects lists for clients
  • Assist in removing current customers and pipeline from their prospect list
  • Research and identify proper C-Level Decision Makers
  • Set, qualify, confirm meeting for customer
  • Request meeting results from customer after meeting completed
  • Customers pay for each successful meeting, not hourly
  • Determine meeting effectiveness to measure return on investment

Marketing Optimization

  • These meetings are 100% guaranteed
  • PAS Specializes in appointment setting for Copiers, PrintersDocument Management and IT Outsourcing Solutions
  • Former Equity Partner at $28 million dealership in California
  • Territory exclusives for each customer
  • Ability to work effectively with people all levels in an organization
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • MBA from University of Southern California

We recently closed a 16 unit transaction; a $400K transaction from one of your appointments and have a number more in our pipeline. I definitely plan on using Mike's services in the future.